what is emotional health?



First of all, what are emotions?

I see emotions as energy bodies that are generated in our bodies as we relate to something, someone, or somewhere.

Why do they matter?

Emotions need to be felt, as they don’t go anywhere or get released until they come to the surface to be felt. These energy bodies can build up in our body and create energetic toxicity, which can lead to dysfunction in the body and disease, along with emotional imbalance, stress, and overwhelm.

What does it mean to be emotionally healthy? I have personally come to find that emotional health entails the following:

If you’ve never addressed your emotional health, it’s never too late. If you’re looking to experience more peace, calm, and joy in your life, I invite you to start exploring how addressing your emotional health could completely transform you and your life. 

Being able to identify our emotions

Allowing space for us to feel these emotions

Ability to validate and be nonjudgmental towards the emotions

Have the coping mechanisms to healthily feel and release the emotions 

Allow self to authentically express the emotion outwardly

Emotional Health is an often neglected and taboo part of our overall health and wellbeing. As a professional healer for over a decade, I have found it to be foundational to overall health and wellbeing, and that it affects us in every aspect of our lives. 
Emotional health is separate from mental health... one can have decent mental health but poor emotional health.