In this practice of accessing your subconscious nervous system, I teach you my unique and proven methods to decreasing anxiety and stress - while elevating your experience of peace and calm on a consistent basis. 

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YOU CAN BE driven, ambitious, PRODUCTIVE, ACHIEVE...
AND FEEL consistent 

Do you feel like your thoughts are on a hamster wheel?

Are you always worrying about the next "to do? and don't know how to focus on the present?

Are you often busy and don't know how to stop even though you want to?

Do you often notice your heart rate high or MAYBE that its hard to take a deep breath?

 Have you tried other methods like traditional therapy, medications, supplements, yoga, quiet meditation... but feel like you're missing something and know there is more? 

I have been there. I totally get it.

with being a person who does everything right, we want to do it all well. however, the drive and energy to get the job done can be constant, BUSY can then become the norm with no "off" switch. It's time to learn how to hit your breaks AND stop to succeed.


Self Peaced

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And I've learned you can be successful and get more done when connected to your inner peace through learning how to regulate your nervous system. i do this by teaching you tapping into your subconscious.  











peace inducing perceptions

emotions as key to peace

self validation

detox your space 

connect to yourself through your inner child

Erika's Inner Child Meditation

inner child meditation Processing

connecting to all

erika's love receiving meditation

integrating peace into your daily life


course  outline

I have been to therapy for years, and I absolutely cannot believe how fast I've worked through my anxieties with Erika's methods. 

My anxiety has gone from an 8 to 9 on a daily basis to a 1 or 2. It's been amazing. 

Client Love 

Reprogram how you see your situation so your nervous system fires optimally to the situation.  

Learn how to use your emotions as data, and how to read the data to understand how to process how you're relating to the situation in order to release energy build-up.   

As entrepreneurs and professionals we have been conditioned to depend on external validation to feel good and at lease. In this lesson I teach you how to connect to your own internal validation for inner peace. 

EVERYTHING has energy. And what you keep in your inner space is going to affect yours. Learn how to energetically optimize your space to get to the potential of your inner peace. 

This guided meditation I created is a tool you can use on a daily or weekly basis to get in touch with your inner child to help regulate and calm your nervous system. 

Understanding that we all have our "inner children" is one of the most powerful ways to get in touch with our inner peace. Learn about what the inner child is. 

This lesson will help you tap into your own processing abilities in order to integrate the benefits of the meditation.  

Most of the day we have our heads in a computer or a phone. The  disconnect of our modern lives causes our nervous systems to crave connection. In this lesson we go over connecting throughout the day to optimize peace and calm. 

This guided meditation I created is a tool you can use on a daily or weekly basis to connect to the most calming energy of all... love. We need to not just know we are loved, but experience it. This meditation provides a vehicle to feel it. 

This final lesson helps you integrate all of the lessons together so you can make being self peaced a way of life as a driven and ambitious entrepreneur or professional. 

are you looking to lower stress + PRESSURE naturally? 

do you want to access your own innate ability to connect to RELIEF at any time?

Are you tired of spending tons of money on things that only temporarily take care of anxiety... but don't get to the root?

Are you excited to know that you have HEALING ABILITIES you can explore?

Do you believe you are damn powerful and can heal yourself?

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Self Peaced is a $600 value that you can now access for only $395. 

I invite you to join me to discover how powerful you are and how much peace you can feel.  

Are you still not sure if Self Peaced is right for you? 
Then connect with Nurse Erika and explore.

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