Hey, I understand. I am one of those women. The CEO, entrepreneur, and healer.

You have so much to give, so you give it ALL and then some: at home, work, with friends and family, and everyone in between.

You KNOW you have something to bring to the world to make a difference through your business or career.

You’re passionate, driven, motivated and LOVE the idea of it all coming together. In fact, you may already love what you do and who you’re serving.

Too often you feel:
 alone in the process
like you must be missing something

So you be a good girl and do more of ALL of the right things: You exercise, meditate, eat right, take all of the right supplements, read all of the right self-help and business books, and listen to all of the podcasts on how to be a badass woman.

And they’re helpful, truly. But still too often you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, drained, stressed, alone in the process, and like you must be missing something. BLAH. Over it.

Who here can relate?!?! What’s missing here?

This should feel good, but you secretly know it often doesn’t. And you, in turn, do NOT feel good... in your body, mind, & soul.

The reason you feel so burned out and suboptimal mentally is not because you’re doing something wrong: It’s because you’re doing too much on your own without a safe and driven community to connect and grow with.

Do you ever wish you could be a woman entrepreneur
or professional,
slay your goals and
dreams, AND it not feel so hard and stressful?

After years of helping people optimize their mental wellbeing and  Mind Body connection, I have come to find the missing piece is:

It is possible to be a badass woman entrepreneur or professional and reach for all of her goals and dreams AND feel:



Hi friend! I'm Erika, and I am a Mind Body Nurse. My background is as an Ivy League trained Nurse Practitioner who spent the first part of her career working on psych wards and ICU's. It was later on I found a passion for the Mind, Body, and Soul Connection. Research has found that the greatest predictor of longevity is... the quality of our relationships. After over a decade of helping people heal, I am excited to bring effective and unique solutions to feminine beings to achieve higher mental and emotional wellbeing... through healthy relating and community. 

About Me:


This is a community membership where professional and entrepreneurial women (and any people who identify as feminine beings) engage in personal growth and development, business and career growth, and don't do it alone. It is where women/feminine beings come together to support one another, connect, brainstorm/mastermind, and energize one another with positive, uplifting, and divine feminine energy from the HEART.

The SoulGlow Clinic is a membership that brings authenticity, spirituality, motivation, and accountability for all of us to be our best selves…. Together. Healthy, heart-centered connection is medicine.

The SoulGlow Clinic includes:

  • Monthly group virtual calls (which are recorded if you can't attend) run by Erika, and shared with other SoulGlow members to connect, share, motivate, and inspire.

  • unlimited access to the soulglow library, which includes over 50 videos (courses, meditations, videos) created by erika to elevate your mind body connection and wellbeing.

  • Weekly text messages from Erika to stay connected, and keep your energy optimal, and mindset focused and intentional.

  • Exclusive access to the SoulGlow Community Group forum to connect with other members, both virtually and in person.

All of this, for just $35/month.

It’s time to stop doing everything on your own, and join a community that supports you becoming the best version of yourself in a way that’s nurturing, safe, supportive, easy, and fun.

You have the light, but you need the fuel to GLOW from within. The fuel is the community of SoulGlow.

Be supported in Mind, Body, Spirit, AND Environment.

Mind- Work on your mindset in order to experience peace, abundance, serenity, and joy.

Body- Learn to better support your body through Erika’s teachings on the nervous system, body positivity, function, holistic and supportive beauty, and joyful movement.

Spirit/Soul- Learn to connect better to yourself and one another in nurturing ways that fill the soul.

Environment- Enter the healthy and loving environment of The SoulGlow Clinic, and learn how to optimize yours at home and at work for more warmth, ease, and flow.

join the community and enroll now



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