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 The power of human connection

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Erika a nurse practitioner and motivational speaker. her unique perspective on leadership and teams from running psych wards allows her to bridge science with soul.

she is highly passionate about serving her audiences.  When you spend time with Erika, you’ll go on a powerful journey of empowerment and gain a sense of well-being that will continue onward after the event.

how our greatest potential and achievement lies in the quality of our relationships.  

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On stage, erika brings a warm intensity. she commands with the truth, but is light at heart. she speaks with rawness, and quickly connects with the audience in a way that makes them feel deeply seen and heard.

she seeks to understand what people want in their hearts, and then shows them how to get it. she challenges the audience to step into their full potential. she makes topics that can seem dark and scary, as warm, inviting and exciting. When you spend time with erika, you will feel lighter, more at peace, and accepted for exactly who you are.

"Erika is a dynamic combination of calm and energizing. She is the kind of person you meet and immediately are drawn to spend more time with. I had the opportunity to partner with Erika on a community initiative to address the ever-prevalent burn out that people are experiencing where Erika did a phenomenal presentation that had the audience very engaged. 

Erika was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was a natural presenter, connecting to the audience instantly. Erika seamlessly bridged her clinical experience and human connection. She brought an unparalleled level of passion sharing the power of relationships and community". -

 the imperfection of excellence

letting go of the pressure to perform to achieve your greatest results

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Reigniting the fire

How the simplest acts of human connection make the largest impact in burnout recovery and prevention.

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 Bridget Bridgman, Event Coordinator, 2023 Exhausted? Mind Body Event.  


I inspire & educate people to elevate their mental well-being through creating cultures and authentic experiences of care. 

"I loved Erika's natural and calm speaking style. She is a voice of reason and needs to be in front of a lot more people. Too many of us deal with continual high-pressure situations and she is the light that can lead us to a better place. I know your group will be inspired by Erika's approach and thought-provoking message. I know I look forward to hearing more from her already."
Jim Thomas, attendee, Partner at Kirenaga Partners

"Erika is a powerhouse speaker. Within minutes I was captivated by her knowledge and ability to engage the audience. We all left inspired and empowered to implement her creative ideas for relieving the pressure that so many of us high achievers experience. ."
Brooke Moore, Lawyer, attendee, CEO & Founder of My Virtual Lawyer and Shift(Her)

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