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1. peace over pressure

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Erika is a healer, storyteller, and emotional health expert. As a former psychiatric nurse and nurse practitioner, she bridges conventional wisdom and knowledge with heart and soul. She is an International Speaker and is passionate about serving her audiences and providing them relief through sharing wisdom and authentic storytelling. She lives by the mantra: love can’t be known, it needs to be experienced. When you spend time with Erika, you’ll go on a powerful journey of connection.

Restoring relief in high-pressure work environments

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I empower professionals in high-pressure work environments to acknowledge their hunger for more and finally feel relief in themselves.

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On stage, Erika brings a warm intensity. She is commanding with the truth, but light at heart, and speaks with rawness. She quickly connects with the audience in a way that makes them feel deeply seen and heard. She seeks to understand what people want in their hearts, and then shows them how to get it. She challenges people to step into their full potential and makes topics that can be seen as dark and scary, as warm, inviting and exciting. When you spend time with Erika, you will feel lighter, more at peace, and accepted for exactly who you are.

"Erika's energy & metaphors are magnetic. I found myself nodding to every sentence she shared. I want to introduce her to everyone in my life. As a recovering perfectionist, her story resonated so deeply. I can't wait to hear her speak more." 
- Matthew Cooke, CEO & Founder of Body-Based Breakthrough 

"Erika dropped some HUGE wisdom bombs, and kept the audience engaged the whole time. I think we all felt her brush with the need to be perfect. Could listen to her stories over and over again!" 
- Tim Wolf, CEO & Founder of ImagineBoss

"I get something from Erika that I don't get from the average speaker in this realm. Everything she says is actionable, her message is inspiring, and she talks about it in a way that's personable to her. So refreshing." 
- Lauren Watkins, CEO & Founder of Lauren Watkins CPA, PLLC

2. the perfection of excellence

letting go of the pressure to perform to achieve your greatest outcomes

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