Invite Erika, Founder of Erika Shepard LLC, to speak for your organization and help it heal. Below are her most requested topics; however, she does offer specific programs upon request. Erika curates every talk or workshop to meet the needs of the organization and its people. Erika is passionate about incorporating wellbeing into organizations who are pro-healing, so they can be a place where its members and mission can thrive. Welcome to consulting with heart. 

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erika is a healing consultant that helps organizations transform through:
 -authentic connection
-potential-driven vision
-evidenced-based practices
-passion personality 
- deep care for the people she serves

Most Requested topics

- Reducing pressure with returning to work in our new normal
- Reducing pressure in high-demand, care-taking environments
- Increasing employee satisfaction through effective listening tactics
-Bringing out the potential of the organization through its members
- Increasing the "Care Capacity" of an organization for higher satisfaction
- Healing burnout in high pressure environments while maintaining excellence
- Creating relief in high pressure environments while maintaining performance
- Effective communication and conflict resolution for authentic connection
- Mindset shifts for growth and abundance of the organization and its members
- Holistic personal development 
- Authentically connecting teams for optimal teamwork and productivity

"I loved Erika's natural and calm speaking style. She is a voice of reason and needs to be in front of a lot more people. Too many of us deal with continual high-pressure situations and she is the light that can lead us to a better place. I know your group will be inspired by Erika's approach and thought-provoking message. I know I look forward to hearing more from her already."
Jim Thomas, Partner at Kirenaga Partners

"Erika is a powerhouse speaker. Within minutes I was captivated by her knowledge and ability to engage the audience. We all left inspired and empowered to implement her creative ideas for relieving the pressure that so many of us high achievers experience. ."
Brooke Moore, Lawyer, CEO & Founder of My Virtual Lawyer and Shift(Her)

"Erika's energy & metaphors are magnetic. I found myself nodding to every sentence she shared. I want to introduce her to everyone in my life. As a recovering perfectionist, her story resonated so deeply. I can't wait to hear her speak more."
- Matthew Cooke, CEO & Founder of Body-Based Breakthrough 

Let's Work Together To Get Your Organization Thriving

Package 1. 

Package 2. 

Package 3. 

Package 2. 

Package 3. 

One 60 minute motivational talk, plus an additional 30 minute breakout session to dive deeper with the team and answer questions

Price Varies

One 90 minute workshop-style talk where we get hands on & interactive with the team and engage in activities centered on 3 different topics of your choice

Price Varies

A series of presentations that build on each other bi-weekly or monthly to fully integrate these topics into the team culture and operations

Price Varies

Watch erika live in action

her energy and presence

On stage, Erika brings a warm intensity. She is commanding with the truth, but light at heart, and speaks with rawness. She quickly connects with the audience in a way that makes them feel deeply seen and heard. She seeks to understand what people want in their hearts, and then shows them how to get it. She challenges people to step into their full potential and makes topics that can be seen as dark and scary, as warm, inviting and exciting. When you spend time with Erika, you will feel lighter, more at peace, and accepted for exactly who you are. Erika is an international speaker, and connects with audiences around the world with ease and enthusiasm. 

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