so, you want to go deep?


I am a woman who doesn’t mess around. I want people to heal in the most effective and efficient way possible, and that’s why I created my 3-month private healing and coaching program for men and women where you heal into the shiny and bright gemstone that you are. My sessions with you are all about empowering you, healing you, and teaching you how to heal yourself. Everything is tailored to your needs. 

let's shine

become a gemstone client

what's included:

40 min private healing every 2 weeks via Zoom for 3 months. then voxer access thereafter.


The metamorphosis 2 day retreat with erika in the peaceful mountains of western north carolina where we dig into your healing and your stories and activate your gemstone formation. process 

Sessions tailored to your needs that may include a mixture of:

Therapeutic connecting

Theta energy healing + subconscious reprogramming

Inner Child Work & Meditations

Mind Body Techniques

Erika's Emotional Health Assessments


in one program

let's talk

 Empowering cheerleading & coaching


this is for you if you:

WANT to HEAL deeply

KNOW you have the power to heal, and want to learn your innate power

Are tired of all of the pressure, anxiety, overwhelm, inability to relax, not trusting yourself, lacking confidence, and not attracting or having the healthiest realtionships? 

And are ready for consistent peace, calm, joy, confidence, can relax with ease, and have the highest health in your relationships?

yep, it's me


"I am amazed at my transformation while working with Erika. I didn’t realize I could be so happy and excited about life. MY LIFE. I am not hiding from who I really am anymore. I am not scared of living my dream. Now that I know myself, I know the kind of woman I want to be in relationship with and will no longer be in relationships that don’t align. I actually had the courage to start my own business where I would not have before (no way). I am laughing more and often. I have learned how to relax even when things are stressful around me. At least 90% of the stress from before was gone. Self critical behavior reduced by 80%. I have richer relationships that are deeply fulfilling. I am no longer overwhelmed, not emotional eating, and have lost at least 20 lbs. This process with Erika has completely transformed my life and I am in awe and amazement of where I am and what my life looks like now. I cannot believe this process only took months. Erika is a fireball of energy and her work is a gift."

Steve, North Carolina

"ANXIOUS, DEPRESSED AND LONELY ARE THE PERFECT WORDS TO DESCRIBE me before meeting Erika. I had everything...an amazing husband, two beautiful girls, and lived a “picture perfect” life. Everything looked perfect from the outside, but on the inside I was at rock bottom. I was done. My childhood and upbringing had major influences on my negative feelings. I was the “mother” to everyone. I was the person who tried to solve all of the problems and was the person that would take on other’s stress as my own. I was diagnosed Anorexic. I completed rehab and therapy for my eating disorder. My weight was the only thing I had control over. My daily mood was dictated by the number on the scale, even after rehab and therapy. I wasn’t able to get over this on my own. I needed help.
Then I was introduced to Erika. I knew there was something different about her. I instantly felt a connection. This was exactly what I needed at my “rock bottom”. Her method was my way up... She was the piece to my puzzle I have been missing. Through Erika’s unique methods, we were able to dig deeper
and uncover the sources of these negative feelings. This was the key to unlock my happiness, confidence and self worth.
I can now have control of my feelings by putting up necessary boundaries and being aware of my triggers. Now I am in control of my life. No longer am I living by a number on a scale, a comment from a stranger or an off-the-cuff joke from a friend. Working with Erika has allowed me to live in the moment and be a better mother, wife and friend. I finally know who I am and I am confident in it.”


work with me

If so, I would absolutely love to talk with you about the possibility of working together. I have VERY limited spots available for one to one work, and they fill quickly. If you’re wanting to apply to work one to one with me, please fill out the application below, and I will get with you shortly to get in touch.

does this sound like you?