May 16, 2018



Welcome y’all. 

This is my first blog post for Inner Fire Wellness. I have dreamed of something like this for years, and now it is finally manifesting! Eek!

I created IFW out of what I see as a need. There are gaps in our current healthcare (or what I see as a more “sick care”) system. What our system is designed around is people being already in a state of illness or disease. 

For years as a RN I worked with the sickest of the sick, constantly putting out fires. I could see where people were constantly falling through the cracks. Now do not get me wrong, I am not against Western conventional medicine… thank goodness for it what it can offer! However, it is limited in many ways. It does not allow space for people to get to the root of their sickness. 

IFW was created so people can explore the, “Why’s.” Our bodies are designed to work, so if they aren’t, what is getting in the way? We are meant to have regulated hunger, adequate sleep, regulated hormones, etc. SO what is getting in the way? 

Everyone’s “Why” is different. Everyone has a different story. So that is why I am here to help you find your “Why’s.” If you’re ready to explore, I am ready to explore with you. We start changing the world by changing ourselves.  Let’s do this and live the best lives we can, in the best bodies we can, and let it spread like wildfire. 

Shine on,


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