June 19, 2018



Hey y’all! I would like to invite you to my first workshop series coming up in July. These workshops are focusing on women’s sexuality. 

The first one is called “Hear Her Roar.” 

  • This will explore what healthy women’s sexuality looks like by addressing the Divine Feminine concept of the “Madonna” and the “Whore.” 
  • Exploring what is getting in the way of us expressing our healthiest sexual potential by addressing stigma’s, beliefs, and subconscious thought patterns that could be contributing to this.
  • This will be a 2 hour workshop with 11 spaces available. It is on 7/10 from 7p-9p @ Bellies and Babies.

The second one is called “Get Your Freak On!”

  • This will be a workshop with tips and ways to express your healthy, divine feminine sexuality in everyday life. 
  • Using the concept of play and embracing our inner child spirits as fully developed sexual females. 
  • Learning to go out into the world fiercely just as we are. 
  • This will be a 90 min workshop with 11 spaces available. It is on 7/17 from 7p-830p @ Bellies and Babies. 

It is first come first serve. The workshops are $15 each or $28 for both. Sign up here under their events page: https://www.belliesandbabiesnc.com/new-events

Hope to see you there!  Would love to have you.


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