February 19, 2021

Cosmic Tornado Valentine

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Y’all, there is something going on in the universe. Relationships are being shaken up, shaken out, and turned upside down.

Marriages that have been cruising for years are in danger of ending. Some relationships that seemed destined for success crumbled out of no where (this I directly experienced back in November).

So wtf is going on?

I cannot be 100% sure, but nonetheless there is a cosmic pattern happening right now in the universe with relationships that is undeniable. And even though it feels and seems disastrous… I am 100% confident it is happening for the highest and best good.

I am calling this year’s shake up with love the cosmic tornado valentine. It’s the universe’s gift of love this year disguised as utter misery and depression while going through it. It’s intense, wild chaos of breaking down what no longer serves us so we can align closer to LOVE. Yes, actual love. Now what we thought was love. I feel like the universe is detoxing us of our bullshit so we can achieve just that.

This may mean death of old patterns. This may mean the death of the relationship all together. This may mean death for now and rebirth later. If you’re experience this, know you’re not alone. I have spoken to SO MANY PEOPLE who are experiencing the cosmic tornado.

This energetic shake-up is insanely intense. My personal experience of it in the beginning was gut-wrenching. In the thick of it was at times unbearable. But now that my dust is settling, I am starting to see the light.

In the beginning of the cosmic tornado valentine, I and so many others have expressed experiencing the following…

Utter shock- I could not believe what was happening or why it was happening. I felt like I was completely blindsided and hit by a mac truck. There were no words.

Massive grief- I have experienced grief in my day… but none as palpable and powerful as this. It shook me to my core. I cried and cried and cried. I was crying for this relationship… but it also opened the door to repressed emotions from earlier in my life that I hadn’t experienced.

Anger- Ooooooo man did some anger come out. I was enraged. Throw on some Limp Bizkit and grab a bat kind of anger.

So what do we do with this (un)delightful happening?

Here’s what I have come to find help me not just survive this shake-up, but start to thrive in it.

  1. Turn to the faith that this is happening for me to align more with love. I can honestly say this has helped me the most. Staying steady in this faith is helping me realize that all the things that have pissed me off and honestly have brought me to my knees in the past… is dying. This is scary because it’s launching me into the unknown and it is out of my control. But this understanding keeps me grounded daily.

2. Feel all the feels. Left no feeling unfelt. It has been cathartic. Sometimes it has been overwhelming and reminds me why I used to repress my emotions. But this is the time to release it. Emotions are what lead us to our truth. So feel, get curious, listen.

3. Don’t rush into something new. I personally am not dating right now because I need to allow myself time to integrate all the things I am learning. I am not saying you can’t. However, I am simply saying if your love life is being shaken up right now, maybe let the dust settle, or you may just end up entering another storm. The revelations and clarity that can happen as the energetic chaos wears off can be life shifting in the best way… if we make the space to let it.

I am still processing all that is happening to me and this energetic craziness. I have had HUGE life shifting realizations about what unconditional love is and looks like (I shall share in a future blog). But know that right now is an amazing time to work on heightening the vibration of your relationship now or relationship to come. Hold on sugar… it’s all in the name of love. Thanks universe.

Shine on,


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  1. Amy Starks says:

    Tornado is a good word for it! There has been a “hanging on for dear life” off and on kind of feeling.

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